***In response to sirus10's review, I meant accusor instead of accusee on the last word in the thrid to last sentence.

OMG! Daily second place! Thank you very much everybody! I'm not sure if i wanna release my bigger project, im afraid that it will be a lot worse, and i spent all those weeks to make something worse. lol, anyways, expect "Dragonforce" to come out in a couple of days!
Thanks to everyone again! =)

This was a little game i made while taking a break from my big game project.

[edit] i really dont want to hype up my other game too much, because i dont want it to be below expectations. what i meant by break was that i became a little bored with that game (cause it took so long), that i wanted to do something quick.
thanks for all of the positive feedback =)

Please read the instructions and change the controls to your liking.



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