Celebémon: celebrities mate with pokémon in a killing frenzy the whole family can enjoy!

it's just like Celebémon #1, except it's good!



-use smoke early to stay alive while the enemies are still not powerful.


-using laugh sometimes hurts the enemies enough that they cannot attack back, using this over and over will make it possible to not be harmed at all.

jiggly christ:

-use the scripture to make the enemies fall asleep then stone them to death.

-use revive to make up for your puny hit points.


-the 4th attack you recieve is an instant kill, so use it on a tough opponent as the first attack.

-there are 3 special attacks that you can learn by winning (1 per difficulty level) so start with the easy level to get the first then work your way up as you gain new abilities.

-don't be afraid to die, as long as you choose easy or medium you have extra lives to spare.

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