Your city is surrounded by zombies and there is nothing to do but survive the onslaught. With your modern machinery and intuitive strategies, you must prevent the zombies from entering your city.

Game Features:

3 Zones:

Each Zone has 3 Difficulties (Easy - Medium - Hard)

Each Difficulty has 30 Waves

Difficulty Increases as wave increases

Total 3 Zones x 3 Difficulties = 9 Levels x 30 Waves = 270Waves

Difficulty determines Enemy Health, Spawn Timer and Speed

10 Towers:

8 Land Towers

1 Airplane

1 Land Mine

Keyboard Hot Keys to Control Towers Quickly (Zero to Nine)

3 Levels of Tower Upgrades

13 Enemies:

10 Ground Zombie Enemies

3 Flying Zombie Dragons

Overtaking Zombies

Path Finding AI - No fixed path - Place Towers Anywhere and Zombie will find path

Auto Detect Patch Blocking and Prevent it

Miscellaneous Game Features:

Each turret has its own sound

Interactive Tutorial


9 Medals

Shared Objects - Game currently uses shared objects to save player score, unlocked levels and medals to user's computers in their flash cookies. Ensures players are not playing the same levels over and over again.


3.00 3.00 3.00

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