Protect your fort from onslaught of enemies. We have tried to imitate real life battles in this game with hundreds of units on screen at a time creating a chaotic war situation. Build defenses, unlock and upgrade units, unlock achievements and special powers, kill enemies. Features 3 game modes and and 3 classes.
This game is a sequel to successful action game Epic Defense. It has new and improved graphics and gameplay.
Class Specialization: Each class is designed to have its own set of features in order to give a different playing experience when playing with different classes. The rangers are good in archers, The riders are good with knights, Bounty hunters start with extra gold earned for each kill. Utilizing class advantages while playing will definitely help advance progress of the user fast enough.
Unit Specialization: Archers are good vs foot soldiers (swordsmen, spearmen). knights are good vs archers, spearmen are good vs knights.
3 classes to choose from.
7 achievements to unlock.
6 special powers.
3 game modes.

Use mouse to click and place units on ground. Press Escape to unselect a selected unit. Press space for upgrade screen. Press P to pause the game. Note that when you are on upgrade screen, game is automatically paused.
To use powers, press power icons in top panel after you have unlocked them.


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