Featuring the voice acting of shok (FDA).
And no, the game isn't supposed to make sence.

Play as Killercheeto as you shoot your way through a level filled with bee men, worf monsters, and other things as you make you way to fight "The big magic cheese-doodle powered floating Steve Buscemi cyborg monster boss master thingy"

Nonstop arcade style sidescrolling fun!

Click read more for some tips that should make the game easier.
Game hints

1. When fighting bee men, jump and shoot with the shot gun, they'll die instantly, also it's better to conserve your minigun ammo with the bee men, insted use the pistol.

2. when fighting the boss, jump and shot gun him right before he attacks, then jump and shotgun him again, this combo will send him into the water...

3. it's better to shoot enemies when there grouped together especialy with the shot gun since it's a close range weapon, you save ammo and clear the screen quicker.

4. To slow the game down, turn frameskip off in the main menu.

5. make sure to jump over most attacks.


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