This is a parody of a video Oney uploaded on his YouTube page, called "Lick that Cow". All of the credits are in the game. To get to them, click the 'credits' button on the menu.
On the selection screen, there is a secret choice button, which will lead to something that parody's Hentaikey's work. This is meant to be humorous, so I hope it gives you all at least a little laugh.
And I hope this doesn't get blammed to death....

Sorry to those who played the Glitched version. It's fixed now, and the Credits have also been fixed. The only thing really different is that no music plays during the "Secret" option.... sad face

Thanks Tom Fulp for posting this in your Post today! :D

I also have a Youtube page: er/ACFan120

I've also made a T-Shirt for this on CafePress:


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