Use WASD keys to move and mouse to select objects and people


Lethal RPG Universe: Empires Lethal returns from a 100 year slumber to battle evil and fight the safety of the universes once again. Battle across two countries loaded with secrets and treasures as you progress through the awesome new story. Lethal takes center stage as you learn new spells, fight bosses, unlock new areas, buy pets and much more. Fans of the series wait no longer, Lethal Rpg is back!! Quest glitch fixed For those who encounted the quest glitch and cannot proceed because of it, in Zyte town on the left side of the armor store there is a trash can. Under it there is an invisible input box. type XXXX into it and click the bin to reset your main quest so you continue your story from the second quest. Sorry for the glitch. V1.1Fixed Quests Glitch - Added battle freezing support (will recover after a few seconds) - Added arrow key support - Stun fixed


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