"The survival of Athens, and all of Greece, now rests on the legs of a sinlge man: Pheideipiddes, the greatest runner in the history of Greece. But can he cover the 22 miles and make it to Athens in time?"


This game plays a lot like Dragon's Lair; ergo, you must press the right button on your keyboard at the right time to continue playing (up, down, left, right). Remember that timing is critical as to when you press, as pressing it too early won't help you at all. Furthermore, press the RETURN/ENTER key at death scenes to leave the death scene and go back to the beginning of the current level (or, if you have used up your last life, the game over screen). Also, if you get tired of having to watch the opening movie every time you lose all 3 lives, just hit ENTER/RETURN during it (but at least watch it completely the first time). The in game instructions contains a section detailing your foes, so you might still want to look at it.


This is the final project for a Flash Class I am currently taking at College (art 451). While this isn't my first project in Flash, it's very close to it (my third actually). However, I would like to think that the results of my education speak for themselves and in the process say something along the lines of, "This sure doesn't feel like a newbie's work."

Anyways, I hope you have as much fun playing the game as I had making it!


4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00

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