Nightmare Before Halloween the 13th: Video Game Edition

It's back. You're favorite nightmare has returned in it's third Halloween. Find the differences between two snapshots before time runs out! Compete to beat the best!

Treat Mode [Easy] - 30 seconds per snapshot. 4 differences to find per snap. Miss-click costs you 1 second of time. Accumulate bonus time by completing levels well!
Trick Mode [Hard] - Non-stop 2 minutes to get as far as you can. 8 Differences per snap. Accumulate bonus time to STUDY the picture, unlike Treat Mode, you cannot click the screen during your bonus time.
Evil Mode [???] - Find this easter egg to make the game more difficult (and accumulate a little extra points.. if you can).

This time, rather than recycle the same movies while adding a couple more, I decided to go a different route: video games. Video games have been as, if not more, immersive than movies sine their dawn of existence, so it was a logical step for this Halloween. Enjoy!


** Special Thanks to XxSeth777 for finding a very important bug that has been squashed!


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