Watch the music video tch?v=b23AjeRBXSU
Then play the game!
Hello anyone and everyone,

I couldn't find a decent t.A.T.u. themed game so I made my own.
This game is based on the video by the Russian group, of the same name.
The game is also available in Russian so if anyone wants that let me know.

The reason why I submitted this is. I made it I think its ok.
But it is the first and only thing I have made in flash.
It took me 6 week from never having used Flash before to get to version 1.3

I think flash is quite decent, but I want to know what peoples opinions are, especially if you are NOT a t.A.T.u. fan or have never heard of them before.

Also tips on making better more efficient games are welcome.
Ive had a quick look around here and theirs some amazing stuff, and just wonder how someone done a sonic clone in flash thats so good.

So i've typed for a bit, now its your turn, all comments are welcome even negative ones, but be gentile its my first time :D

- Jon.


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