Sticky Blocks is an original puzzle game idea I came up with. (Well, sort of original, it is based on Sokoban.) Special thanks to for sponsoring it - my first sponsored game!

Can you make it through all 50+ levels?

Slide your purple sticky block through increasingly fiendish levels in this strategy puzzle game. Other blocks stick to yours whether you want them to or not, so you need to plan your moves carefully or end up in the middle of a large, unmovable clump of blocks! Deliver blocks to identically-colored locks to clear up space and pass through to the next level.

50 regular levels + 8 bonus levels + secret levels! The levels start out very easy and get progressively harder. Some of the later ones may look simple... yet they're incredibly devious.

Bonus levels are unlocked by obtaining "star" ratings on the regular levels. Get a star rating by having the indicated blocks stuck to your purple block when you finish the level. You'll figure it out.


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