reasons to rate 5stars: -Look at those crazy graphics! -You like me :D -You want to get this a higher rating then people who have put lots of effort in their games, just to make them mad. -You like cats? Russia- 2012. A secret underground base has begun construction on a giant mechanical Beast, Codename:Archipelago. Unbeknown to the Russians, somewhere in space a giant alien attack force is amassing to attack earth, The Russians have accidentally created the only Thing that can save our planet! Will it succeed in destroying the invaders or will the inhabitants of earth be enslaved by the aliens? well, you'll have to play a different game to find out! as this one is about a kitten climbing some stairs to get to another cat who is sitting on a table (although graphically you cannot tell) Improved features from the first game: Music! Realistic Sound Effect! Game doesn't break at the winning screen!


4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00

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