The humans are all dead!!! Only zombies are alive who have now turned on each other for food... You are one of the zombie factions and must destroy the other factions in this tower offense game.

Game Features:

3 Zones:

Each Zone has 3 Difficulties (Easy - Medium - Hard)

Difficulty Increases as time increases

Total 3 Zones x 3 Difficulties = 9 Levels

Difficulty determines Enemy Health, Spawn Timer and Speed

Easy is real easy and Hard is real hard

13 Zombies to Create

10 Ground Zombies

3 Flying Zombie Dragons

3 Bonus Powers to spend
your XP

Research to Unlock all Zombies

Miscellaneous Game Features:

Cool zombie/game/bonus sounds


20 Game Achievements


Shared Objects - Game currently uses shared objects to save player score, unlocked levels and achievements. Ensures players are not playing the same levels over and over again.


3.00 3.00 3.00

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