This is a first person shooter genre-game, and I call it 2.8D because it's basically 2D but is supposed to look like 3D (even though it may fail at that). It is something I built over the course of 3 months, and is not yet finished; if people like it, then I'll continue it (hopefully).

Just click to shoot, arrow keys to move / strafe.
There's an in-game console that I built, it can be accessed by the tilde key (`)
There are medals available, all of them easy to obtain; once approved.
There are two console commands, kill and open.

This is far from perfect, and just a work in progress. This is the first stage of usage; if people like this game, then I will develop it further, but for now it is just a feedback game. Use the review box below to tell me how to improve the game and whether I should continue this project! I used sprites from some games and the additional art from pranjalmaithani.



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