Battle an array of zombies in this fast paced Tower Defense game! Your unique arsenal includes items such as buzz-saw shooter, flame thrower, stunning sensor tower, and more. The cast of characters includes the Hot Dead Girl, the Ghastly Invisible Zombie, and even the mysterious Project X. Use your ability to strategically place zombie blasting towers to stop them in their tracks. Do you have the zombie slaughtering skills to make it through Hell?

Have fun playing this zombie-themed tower defense game. Featuring:
* 9 upgradable towers
* 7 lurching zombies
* 3 challenging bosses
* 4 different maps
* 46 medals to win
* Well-balanced gameplay and weaponry, honed through months of testing and tweaking
* Explosions, blood, groans, bombs, bullets, and much, much more


4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00

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